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Ghasemali Khorasani

Brow Position after Endoscopic Brow Lift

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Background: Over the past few years, other methods have been replaced by endoscopic forehead rejuvenation. In many cases, it is
the treatment of choice and it is widely used for the rejuvenation of the upper third of the face, especially to raise eyebrows.
Objectives: Due to the growing number of cosmetic surgeries and particularly endoscopic surgeries, awareness of the effectivity
and longevity of endoscopic surgery appears necessary due to relatively high costs and complications that the patient imposes.
There is still ambiguity about changes which appear during aging in the forehead area, however, almost all forehead rejuvenation
surgeries are based upon the fact that forehead aging causes eyebrow dropping.
Methods: All patients, whohad endoscopic brow lift surgery at Amir Aalam hospital in 2013, were considered in this study. The surgeries
were performed at Amir Aalam hospital of Tehran, Iran, by a plastic surgeon and usually on an outpatient basis (day-care basis)
and by means of the standard procedures during 1 year. All patients had sub-periosteal endoscopic brow lift surgery, which was performed
by 5 separate i