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بررسی ماندگاری گرافت غضروفی با افزودن دگزامتازون به محیطهای نگهداری در نمونه های حیوانی

Authors: قاسمعلی خراسانی، رزا میری، کوروش قنبرزاده، هومن فزادی، حامد فرهادی
Keywords: کندروسیت های گرافت غضروفي، محیط اتانل با دگزامتازون، محیط اتانل بدون دگزامتازون
مجله دانشكده پزشكي دانشگاه علوم پزشكي مشهد, Vol.59, No.3, 1395,Page:155-162


Introduction: cartilage grafts have a fundamental role in reconstructive and aesthetic surgeries. Preservation of these grafts in suitable Medias can provide them for revision surgeries. Previous studies have shown that ethanol is a suitable media to preserve garfts . In this study, we assess the effect of Dexamethasone addition on viability of cartilage grafts and documented this with histopathological studies. Methods: fifteen male New zealand rabbits that were purchased by Pasteur institute,Karaj, Iran, were evaluated in this study from March 2014 to July 2014. Cartilage grafts of rabbit ear with preservation of perichondrium preserved in 70 % Ethanol with and without adding of 10 microgram of dexamethasone stored in 4 c. After 45 and 90 days, these samples evaluated by histopahtological H&E staining and viability of chondrocytes determined by evidence of karyorrhexis and kariolysis in each sample.

Results: viability of chondrocytes in ethanol 70 was 77.29±9.23 and viability in ethanol and dexamethasone media was 89.42±10.71after 45 days (p<0.04). Viability of chondrocytes in ethanol 70 % was 71.79±9.30 and viability in ethanol and dexamethasone was 83.50±10.73 after 90 days (p<0.06).