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Ahmad Reza Shamshiri

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اپیدمیولوژی, دانشگاه علوم پزشکی تهران, تهران, ایران, 1390


پزشک عمومی, دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ایران, تهران, ایران, 1378

مو قعيت علمي _ آكادميك


دبیر واحد مدیریت دانش

دانشکده دندانپزشکی دانشگاه علوم پزشکی تهران, 1391-1393

سمت اجرايي


مدیر ارتباطات و کاربرد نتایج تحقیقات

معاونت تحقیقات و فناوری دانشگاه, 1393-تاکنون



تازه های درمان در لنفوما

Authors: مرکز تحقیقات هماتولوژی انکولوژی و پیوند سلول های بنیادی
1388, Original

برنامه ملی کنترل سرطان پستان

Publisher: معاونت بهداشت وزارت بهداشت درمان و آموزش پزشکی, 1390, Original

اپیدمیولوژی بیماری های شایع ایران - سرطان ها - لنفوم و لوکمی

Authors: انجمن اپیدمیولوژی ایران
Publisher: گپ, 1394, Original




Varicella Zoster antibodies among health care workers in a university hospital, Teheran, Iran

Authors: Talebi-Taher, M. - Noori, M. - Shamshiri, A. R. - Barati, M. -
Vol.23, No.1, Year. 2010, Page:27-32,

[Fungal Infection in Patients with Nasal Polyposis in Two Groups with High and Normal Serum IgE Referred to Rasoul-e-Akram Hospital for ENT Surgery]

Authors: Azardokht Tabatabaie - Mohammad Farhadi - Shamshiri, Ahmad Reza - Samileh Nourbakhsh - Shabahang Mohammadi - Reza Falak -
Vol.13, No.50, Year. 2006, Page:99-105,

[Evaluation of Mycoplasma and Chlamydia Infection with PCR Method and Serology in Patients with Nasal Polyps and Normal Subjects]

Authors: Azardokht Tabatabaie - Mohammad Farhadi - Samileh Nourbakhsh - Mahdi Shekarabi - Shamshiri, Ahmad Reza - Alirezaee, Najmeh Sadat - Vasheghani Farahani, Amir -
Vol.15, No.60-61, Year. 2008, Page:133-139,

Detection of serum antibodies against measles, mumps and rubella after primary measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccination in children

Authors: Tabatabaei, S. R. - Esteghamati, A. R. - Shiva, F. - Fallah, F. - Radmanesh, R. - Abdinia, B. - Shamshiri, A. R. - Khairkhah, M. - Ebrahimabad, H. S. - Karimi, A. -
Vol.16, No.1, Year. 2013, Page:38-41,

Assessment of a new algorithm in the management of acute respiratory tract infections in children

Authors: Tabatabaei, S. A. - Fahimzad, S. A. - Shamshiri, A. R. - Shiva, F. - Salehpor, S. - Sayyahfar, S. - Khanbabaei, G. - Armin, S. - Tabatabaei, S. R. - Khatami, A. - Kadivar, M. -
Vol.17, No.2, Year. 2012, Page:182-185,

Push-out Bond Strength of Resilon/Epiphany Self-etch to Intraradicular Dentin after Retreatment: A Preliminary Study

Authors: Shokouhinejad, N. - Sabeti, M. A. - Hasheminasab, M. - Shafiei, F. - Shamshiri, A. R. -
Vol.36, No.3, Year. 2010, Page:493-496,

The effect of different irrigation protocols for smear layer removal on bond strength of a new bioceramic sealer

Authors: Shokouhinejad, N. - Hoseini, A. - Gorjestani, H. - Shamshiri, A. R. -
Vol.8, No.1, Year. 2013, Page:10-13,

Effect of phosphate-buffered saline on push-out bond strength of a new bioceramic sealer to root canal dentin

Authors: Shokouhinejad, N. - Hoseini, A. - Gorjestani, H. - Raoof, M. - Assadian, H. - Shamshiri, A. R. -
Vol.9, No.5, Year. 2012, Page:595-9,

Push-out bond strength of gutta-percha with a new bioceramic sealer in the presence or absence of smear layer

Authors: Shokouhinejad, N. - Gorjestani, H. - Nasseh, A. A. - Hoseini, A. - Mohammadi, M. - Shamshiri, A. R. -
Vol.39, No.3, Year. 2013, Page:102-106,

Exposure to Secondhand Smoke in Infants: Declining Trends From 2001 to 2008?

Authors: Shiva, F. - Shamshiri, A. R. - Ghotbi, F. - Yavari, S.Fakhteh -
Vol.23, No.2, Year. 2011, Page:157-62,

Survey of needle-stick injuries in paediatric health personnel of 5 university hospitals in Tehran

Authors: Shiva, F. - Sanaei, A. - Shamshiri, A. R. - Ghotbi, F. -
Vol.61, No.2, Year. 2011, Page:127-31,

Hand Hygiene Compliance by the Health Care Staff in a Pediatric Hospital

Authors: Shiva, F. - Kamali, M. - Shirvani, F. - Armin, S. - Ghanaiei, R. - Rafiei Tabatabaie, S. - Fahimzad, S. A. R. - Shamshiri, A. R. - Karimi, A. -
Vol.2, No.4, Year. 2014, Page:e18909,

A 10-year single center survey of pediatric patients with histiocytic disorders in Iran

Authors: Shamsian, B. S. - Nikoufar, M. - Esfahani, S. A. - Shamshiri, A. R. - Arzanian, M. T. - Alavi, S. - Jadali, F. - Gharib, A. - Rezaei, N. -
Vol.53, No.1, Year. 2011, Page:34-42,

[Serum folate levels in major beta thalassemia patients]

Authors: Shamsian, B. S. - Azadvari, M. - Arzanian, M. T. - Shamshiri, Ahmad Reza - Alavari, S. - Khojasteh, O. -
Vol.18, No.SUPPL. 1, Year. 2008, Page:28-32,

[Blood transfusion status in beta major thalassemia patients in Mofid Children Hospital in Tehran]

Authors: Shamsian, B. S. - Arzanian, M. T. - Shamshiri, Ahmad Reza - Samin Alavi - Omid Khojasteh -
Vol.4, No.4, Year. 2008, Page:253-258,

Frequency of Red cell alloimmunization in patients with β-major thalassemia in an Iranian referral hospital

Authors: Shamsian, B. S. - Arzanian, M. T. - Shamshiri, A. R. - Alavi, S. - Khojasteh, O. -
Vol.18, No.2, Year. 2008, Page:149-153,

Magnetic resonance imaging in the evaluation of iron overload: A comparison of MRI, echocardiography and serum ferritin level in patients with β-thalassemia major

Authors: Shamsian, B. S. - Abdar Esfahani, S. - Milani, H. - Akhlaghpoor, S. - Mojtahedzadeh, S. - Karimi, A. - Shamshiri, A. R. - Alavi, S. - Safari, A. - Rezaei, N. - Arzanian, M. T. -
Vol.36, No.5, Year. 2012, Page:483-488,

Evaluation of current guthrie TSH cut-off point in Iran congenital hypothyroidism screening program: a cost-effectiveness analysis

Authors: Shamshiri, A. R. - Yarahmadi, S. - Forouzanfar, M. H. - Haghdoost, A. A. - Hamzehloo, G. - Holakouie Naieni, K. -
Vol.15, No.3, Year. 2012, Page:136-41,

Visualization of provincial breast cancer incidence in Islamic Republic of Iran: 2003 and 2004

Authors: Ahmad Reza Shamshiri - Ali Khodabandeh -
Vol.1, No.1, Year. 2008, Page:25-30,

Frequency of Pediatric Acute Respiratory Tract Infections in Iran; A Systematic Review

Authors: Shamshiri , A. R. - Fahimzad, A. - Tabatabaie, S. A. - Shiva, F. - Kadivar, M. - Khatami, A. - Salehpour, S. - Karimi, A. -
Vol.1, No.2, Year. 2013, Page:44-52,

Substance P and calcitonin gene-related neuropeptides as novel growth factors for ex vivo expansion of cord blood CD34+ hematopoietic stem cells

Authors: Shahrokhi, S. - Ebtekar, M. - Alimoghaddam, K. - Pourfathollah, A. A. - Kheirandish, M. - Ardjmand, A. - Shamshiri, A. R. - Ghavamzadeh, A. -
Vol.28, No.1, Year. 2010, Page:66-73,

Esophageal exfoliative cytology samplers: A comparison of three types

Authors: Sepehr, A. - Razavi, P. - Saidi, F. - Salehian, P. - Rahmani, M. - Shamshiri, Ahmad Reza -
Vol.44, No.5, Year. 2000, Page:797-804,

Evaluation of nutritional status in children hospitalized in Mofid Children's Hospital, Tehran, Iran

Authors: Sayyari, A. A. - Imanzadeh, F. - Moradi, M. - Javaherizadeh, H. - Shamshiri, A. R. -
Vol.8, No.2, Year. 2013, Page:120-125,

Comparison of Tuberculin Skin Test result and interferon gamma response to human PPD in BCG scar positive and negative children

Authors: Sayyahfar, S. - Karimi, A. - Fahimzad, A. - Shamshiri, A. R. -
Vol.4, No.1, Year. 2014, Page:45-50,

Association analysis of intractable epilepsy with C3435T and G2677T/A ABCB1 gene polymorphisms in Iranian patients

Authors: Sayyah, M. - Kamgarpour, F. - Maleki, M. - Karimipoor, M. - Gharagozli, K. - Shamshiri, A. R. -
Vol.13, No.2, Year. 2011, Page:155-65,

Predictive Factors of Survival Time after Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Patients who Received Allogeneic BMT from Matched Sibling Donors Using Generalized Gamma Models

Authors: Koorosh Sayehmiri - Eshraghian, M R - K Mohammad - K Alimoghaddam - Rahimi Foroushani, A - H. Zeraati - Shamshiri, A R - K Djafarian - A. Ghavamzadeh -
Vol.3, No.1, Year. 2009, Page:21-26,

A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Comparison of Letrozole to Oxandrolone Effects upon Growth and Puberty of Children with Constitutional Delay of Puberty and Idiopathic Short Stature

Authors: Salehpour, S. - Alipour, P. - Razzaghy-Azar, M. - Ardeshirpour, L. - Shamshiri, A. - Monfared, M. F. - Gharib, A. -
Year. 2010,

Association of 4G/5G polymorphism in Plasminogen activator inhibitor-inhibitor (PAI-1) gene with thrombosis in coronary arteries

Authors: Sakhteh, M. - Poopak, B. - Amirizadeh, N. - Shamshiri, A.R. - Bagheri, A.H. - Faranoush, M. -
Vol.11, No.1, Year. 2015, Page:32-40,

Polymorphism and synergism of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) and plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1) genes in coronary artery disease

Authors: Sakhteh, M. - Poopak, B. - Amirizadeh, N. - Shamshiri, A. - Bagheri, A. - Faranoush, M. -
Year. 2014,

Drug Utilization Evaluation of Imipenem in Patients Undergoing Bone Marrow Transplantation

Authors: Sakhaiyan, E - Hadjibabaie, M - Gholami, K h - Fahimi, F - Shamshiri, A R - Alimoghaddam, K - Iravani, M - Mousavi, A - Ardeshir Ghavamzadeh -
Vol.3, No.2, Year. 2009, Page:10-13,

Assessment of compatibility of clinical diagnosis with histopathological diagnosis of oral lichen planus

Authors: Sahebjamee, Mahnaz - Rohani, Bita - Momen Beitollahi, Jalil - Mansourian, Arash - Khalili, Maryam - Baghaee, Fereshteh - Shamshiri, Ahmad Reza -
Vol.20, No.107, Year. 2013, Page:46-51,

Conventional versus Papanicolaou-stained cytobrush biopsy in the diagnosis of oral squamous cell carcinoma

Authors: Sahebjamee, M. - Mansourian, A. - Etemad-Moghadam, S. - Shamshiri, A. R. - Derakhshan, S. -
Vol.13, No.3, Year. 2014, Page:619-22,

Hyperglycemia in VLBW infants; incidence, risk factors and outcome

Authors: Sabzehei, M. K. - Afjeh, S. A. - Shakiba, M. - Alizadeh, P. - Shamshiri, A. R. - Esmaili, F. -
Vol.17, No.6, Year. 2014, Page:429-34,

Retinopathy of prematurity: Incidence, risk factors, and outcome

Authors: Sabzehei, M. K. - Afjeh, S. A. - Farahani, A. D. - Shamshiri, A. R. - Esmaili, F. -
Vol.16, No.9, Year. 2013, Page:507-512,

[Evaluation of the association of NOD2 gene polymorphisms with the occurrence of GVHD in acute myelogenous leukemia patients]

Authors: Rostami, Sh. - Ahmadi Nia, L. - Ghaderi, B. - Mousavi, S. A. - Abroun, S. - Hajihoseini, R. - Chahardouli, B. - Ghadimi, H. - Shamshiri, A. R. - Ghavamzadeh, A. - Alimoghaddam, K. -
Vol.7, No.3, Year. 2010, Page:148-155,

Tactile sense of the surgeon in determining bone density when placing dental implant

Authors: Rokn, A. - Rasouli Ghahroudi, A. A. - Daneshmonfared, M. - Menasheof, R. - Shamshiri, A. R. -
Vol.23, No.6, Year. 2014, Page:697-703,

Effect of storage time of extended-pour and conventional alginate impressions on dimensional accuracy of casts

Authors: Rohanian, A. - Ommati Shabestari, G. - Zeighami, S. - Samadi, M. J. - Shamshiri, A. R. -
Vol.11, No.6, Year. 2014, Page:655-64,

Colonization With Methicillin Resistant and Methicillin Sensitive Staphylococcus aureus Subtypes in Patients With Atopic Dermatitis and Its Relationship With Severity of Eczema

Authors: Rezaei, M. - Chavoshzadeh, Z. - Haroni, N. - Armin, S. - Navidinia, M. - Mansouri, M. - Shamshiri, A. R. - Mesdaghi, M. - Adib Eshgh, F. -
Vol.1, No.2, Year. 2013, Page:53-56,

Calcium enriched mixture and mineral trioxide aggregate Activities against enterococcus faecalis in presence of dentin

Authors: Razmi, H. - Aminsobhani, M. - Bolhari, B. - Shamshirgar, F. - Shahsavan, S. - Shamshiri, A. R. -
Vol.8, No.4, Year. 2013, Page:191-196,

In vitro activity of cefixime versus ceftizoxime against Salmonella typhi

Authors: Rastegar Lari, A - Validi, N. - Ghaffarzadeh, K. - Shamshiri, A. R. -
Vol.45, No.5, Year. 1997, Page:415-419,

[Comparative in-vitro activity of ofloxacine vs. other antibiotics against isolated gram-negative bacteria from patients with urinary tract infection.]

Authors: Rastegar Lari, A - Sotoudeh, M - Shamshiri, A R - et al, -
Vol.11, No.1, Year. 2000, Page:46-52,

[Comparative in-vitro activity of Ofloxacin vs Ceftriaxone against isolated gram-negative bacteria from patients with urinary tract infection]

Authors: Rastegar Lari, A - Shamshiri, A R - Masjedian Jezi, Faramarz - Salek Moghaddam, Alireza -
Vol.4, No.2, Year. 2001, Page:1-6,

Designing and standardizing a questionnaire for evaluating knowledge, attitude, and practice of Iranian adults with cardiovascular diseases about oral health

Authors: Rasouli Ghahroudi, A. A. - Rokn, A. R. - Khorsand, A. - Aghajani, H. - Amini, A. - Shamshiri, A. R. - Rahimi, H. - Kabir, A. -
Vol.9, No.6, Year. 2013, Page:350-356,

The use of polymerase chain reaction assay versus cell culture in detecting neonatal chlamydial conjunctivitis

Authors: Rafiei Tabatabaei, S. - Afjeiee, S. A. - Fallah, F. - Tahami Zanjani, N. - Shiva, F. - Tavakkoly Fard, A. - Shamshiri, A. R. - Karimi, A. -
Vol.15, No.3, Year. 2012, Page:171-5,

Assessment of the relationship between impacted mandibular third molar and inferior alveolar canal and the related factors using Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

Authors: Panjnoosh, Mehrdad - Taghavi, Farnoosh - Shamshiri, Ahmad Reza -
Vol.27, No.3, Year. 2014, Page:168-174,

Patient satisfaction- comparison of the comprehensive care model with traditional model of delivering dental services in Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Authors: Pakdaman, Afsaneh - Khormali, Ahmad - Shamshiri, Ahmad Reza -
Vol.26, No.4, Year. 2013, Page:234-242,

Detection of Mycoplasma pneumoniae and Chlamydia trachomatis in Iranian children with acute lower respiratory infections by polymerase chain reaction

Authors: Oskooee, M. B. - Karimi, A. - Shiva, F. - Fallah, F. - Tabatabaei, S. R. - Shirvani, F. - Shamshiri, A. R. - Adabian, S. - Rahbar, M. -
Vol.4, No.S1, Year. 2014, Page:S302-S306,

[CMV detection and monitoring in Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) recipients by Real-Time PCR (RQ-PCR)]

Authors: Narges Obeidi - Ghaffari, H. - Ahmad Gharabaghian - Alimoghaddam, K - Mahdi Dehghan - Ghavamzadeh, A - Shamshiri, Ahmad Reza -
Vol.4, No.1, Year. 2007, Page:1-9,

Mycoplasma pneumonia in cerebrospinal fluids of febrile children with neurologic manifestations: A cross sectional study, Tehran, Iran

Authors: Noorbakhsh, S. - Zarabi, V. - Shamshiri, A. R. - Tabatabaei, A. -
Vol.6, No.9, Year. 2013,

Helicobacter pylori-DNA in nasal polyp tissues in compare with inferior nasal turbinate tissues: A casecontrol study in Tehran, Iran

Authors: Noorbakhsh, S. - Tabatabaei, A. - Farhadi, M. - Shamshiri, A.R. -
Vol.3, No.4, Year. 2011, Page:73-78,

Evaluation of an interferon-gamma release assay in young contacts of active tuberculosis cases

Authors: Noorbakhsh, S. - Mousavi, J. - Barati, M. - Shamshiri, A.R - Shekarabi, M. - Tabatabaei, A. - Soleimani, G. -
Vol.17, No.9, Year. 2011, Page:714-718,

[The role of group A beta hemolytic streptococcal infections in patients with tic and tourett's disorders]

Authors: Samileh Noorbakhsh - Behrooz Jalili - Ahmad Reza Shamshiri - Elham Shirazi - Azardokht Tabatabaei - Reza Taghipour - Ahmad Modares Fathi -
Vol.68, No.9, Year. 2010, Page:534-540,

[A comparative study of streptococal infection in children with PANDAS: a case-control study]

Authors: Samileh Noorbakhsh - Ebrahimi Taj, Farideh - Elham Shirazi - Ahmad Reza Shamshiri - Azardokht Tabatabaei -
Vol.69, No.10, Year. 2012, Page:631-638,

Comparison of desensitizing efficacy of an Iranian dentifrice and a commercially available dentifrice: a randomized double-blinded controlled clinical trial

Authors: Moslemi, N. - Johari, M. - Akhoundi, M. S. - Zare, H. - Shamshiri, A. R. - Khorshidian, A. -
Vol.10, No.4, Year. 2013, Page:351-7,

[Effect of 660nm low power laser on pain and healing in palatal donor sites; a randomized controlled clinical trial]

Authors: Neda Moslemi - Mohadeseh Heidari - Reza Fekrazad - Hanieh Nokhbatolfoghahaie - Siamak Yaghobee - Ahmad Reza Shamshiri - Mozhgan Paknejad -
Vol.27, No.1, Year. 2014, Page:1-77,

[Fungal infections in patients referring to dermatology clinic in Rasoul Akram Hospital (1380)]

Authors: Mohammad Moshir - Azardokht Tabatabaie - MMohammad Poureslami - Shamshiri, Ahmad Reza -
Vol.8, No.26, Year. 2001, Page:466-471,

[Expression and correlation of P53, P63 and HPV infection with clinical stage and microscopic grade of oral squamous cell carsinoma]

Authors: Mosharraf, Mohammad - Mehrdad, Leili - Farzaneh Jadali - Mashadi Abbas, Fatemeh - Kharrazifard, Mohammad Javad - Shamshiri, Ahmad Reza -
Vol.27, No.4, Year. 2010, Page:205-213,

HBV vaccination status and response to hepatitis B vaccine among Iranian dentists, correlation with risk factors and preventive measures

Authors: Momeni, N. - Ahmad Akhoundi, M. S. - Alavian, S. M. - Shamshiri, A. R. - Norouzi, M. - Mahboobi, N. - Moosavi, N. - Jazayeri, S. M. -
Vol.15, No.1, Year. 2015, Page:e20014,

Measuring the reliability of sagittal facial anthropometric measurements under soft tissue displacement using a modified ruler

Authors: Mojtahedzadeh, F. - Alizadeh, S. - Riazi, B. - Shamshiri, A. R. -
Vol.10, No.2, Year. 2013, Page:164-8,

Technetium tc 99m dimercaptosuccinic Acid renal scintigraphy in children with acute pyelonephritis: correlation with other imaging tests

Authors: Mohkam, M. - Maham, S. - Rahmani, A. - Naghi, I. - Otukesh, B. - Raiiati, H. - Mohseni, N. - Shamshiri, A. R. - Sharifian, M. - Dalirani, R. - Ghazi, R. - Ahoopai, M. -
Vol.4, No.4, Year. 2010, Page:297-301,

Kidney ultrasonography and dimercaptosuccinic acid scans for revealing vesicoureteral reflux in children with pyelonephritis: A 7-year prospective cohort study of 1500 pyelonephritic patients and 2986 renal units

Authors: Mohkam, M. - Maham, S. - Khatami, A. - Naghi, I. - Otukesh, B. - Shamshiri, A. R. - Sharifian, M. - Dalirani, R. - Gorji, F. A. -
Vol.4, No.1, Year. 2012, Page:350-355,

Trace elements (Se, Zn, and Cu) levels in patients with newly diagnosed acute leukemia

Authors: Modaressi, A. - Hadjibabaie, M. - Shamshiri, A. R. - Namdar, R. - Abdollahi, M. - Ghavamzadeh, A. -
Vol.6, No.4, Year. 2012, Page:5-10,

Anti-CD20 Antibody is Effective in the Patient with Refractory Amegakaryocytic Thrombocytopenia, 25 Months Follow up

Authors: Mirzania, M. - Khalili, S. - Hasanpoor, A. - Shamshiri, A. R. -
Vol.8, No.2, Year. 2014, Page:41-4,

Oral and dental health status in patients with primary antibody deficiencies

Authors: Meighani, G. - Aghamohammadi, A. - Javanbakht, H. - Abolhassani, H. - Nikayin, S. - Jafari, S. M. - Ghandehari Motlagh, M. - Shamshiri, A. R. - Rezaei, N. -
Vol.10, No.4, Year. 2011, Page:289-93,

The comparative study of antifungal activity of Syzygium aromaticum, Punica granatum and nystatin on Candida albicans; an in vitro study

Authors: Mansourian, A. - Boojarpour, N. - Ashnagar, S. - Momen Beitollahi, J. - Shamshiri, A. R. -
Vol.24, No.4, Year. 2014, Page:e163-8,

The effect of zinc sulfate in the prevention of high-dose chemotherapy-induced mucositis: a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study

Authors: Mansouri, A. - Hadjibabaie, M. - Iravani, M. - Shamshiri, A. R. - Hayatshahi, A. - Javadi, M. R. - Khoee, S. H. - Alimoghaddam, K. - Ghavamzadeh, A. -
Vol.30, No.1, Year. 2012, Page:22-6,

[Comparative Study of Quality of Life in Multiple Myeloma Patients after Bone Marrow Transplantation in Outpatient and Inpatient Setting]

Authors: Manookian, Arpi - Nejati Safa, Ali Akbar - Kamran Alimoghaddam - Shamshiri, Ahmad Reza -
Vol.18, No.2, Year. 2010, Page:72-77,

Association between ABCB1-T1236C Polymorphism and Drug-Resistant Epilepsy in Iranian Female Patients.

Authors: Mehri Maleki - Mohammad Sayyah - Fatemeh Kamgarpour - Morteza Karimipoor - Aida Arab - Anahita Rajabi - Kourosh Gharagozli - Shamshiri, Ahmad Reza - Shahsavand Ananloo, Esmaeil -
Vol.14, No.3, Year. 2010, Page:89-96,

Evaluation of catheter related infections in routine and needleless Planecta systems in PICU of Mofid Children Hospital

Authors: Saeed Maham - Ahmad Reza Shamshiri - Seyyed Sadjad Razavi - Seyed Alireza Fahimzad - Javad Ghoroubi - Mahshid Talebian - Manijeh Naderi - Mana Hadipour -
Vol.15, No.48, Year. 2010, Page:1-5,

[Communication of Bad NEWS with cancer patients in Mofid Hospital and Cancer Institute in 2010]

Authors: Saeed Maham - Akbari Haghighi, Feizollah - Alireza Bagheri - Abolghasem Pourreza - Ahmad Reza Shamshiri -
Vol.4, No.13, Year. 2010, Page:125-143,

[The clinical and paraneoplastic manifestations of thymoma (1971-2000)]

Authors: Khodabandeh, A - Shamshiri, A R - Farboodmanesh, A R -
Vol.63, No.10, Year. 2006, Page:814-820,

One-Year Multicenter Double-Blind Randomized Clinical Trial on the Efficacy and Safety of Generic Cyclosporine (Iminoral) in De Novo Kidney Transplant Recipients

Authors: Khatami, S. M. - Taheri, S. - Azmandian, J. - Sagheb, M. M. - Nazemian, F. - Razeghi, E. - Shahidi, S. - Sadri, F. - Shamshiri, A. R. - Sayyah, M. -
Year. 2013,

Non-myeloablative stem cell transplantation in hematologic malignancies: an experience from the Hematology- Oncology and BMT Research Center

Authors: Keyhanian, S - Ghavamzadeh, A - Bahar, B - Alimoghaddam, K - Shamshiri, A R - Gholibeikian, S -
Vol.1, No.2, Year. 2004, Page:4-7,

Association between CETP Taq1B and LIPC -514C/T polymorphisms with the serum lipid levels in a group of Tehran's population: a cross sectional study

Authors: Kashani Farid, M. A. - Azizi, F. - Hedayati, M. - Daneshpour, M. S. - Shamshiri, A. R. - Siassi, F. -
Vol.9, Year. 2010, Page:96,

Breast cancer molecular subtypes and associations with clinicopathological characteristics in Iranian women, 2002- 2011

Authors: Kadivar, M. - Mafi, N. - Joulaee, A. - Shamshiri, A. - Hosseini, N. -
Vol.13, No.5, Year. 2012, Page:1881-1886,

Cost-effectiveness analysis of the introduction of rotavirus vaccine in Iran

Authors: Javanbakht, M. - Moradi-Lakeh, M. - Yaghoubi, M. - Esteghamati, A. - Mansour Ghanaie, R. - Mahmoudi, S. - Shamshiri, A. R. - Zahraei, S. M. - Baxter, L. - Shakerian, S. - Chaudhri, I. - Fleming, J. A. - Munier, A. - Baradaran, H. R. -
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The efficacy of selenium in prevention of oral mucositis in patients undergoing hematopoietic SCT: A randomized clinical trial

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Radiographic evaluation of third molar development in 5- to 25 year olds in tehran, iran

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Immunohistochemical detection of p53 protein expression as a prognostic factor in Wilms tumor

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Fludarabine and busulfan as a myeloablative conditioning regimen for allogeneic stem cell transplantation in high- and standard-risk leukemic patients

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Malaria status in economic cooperation countries; achievement and gaps toward United Nations millennium development goals

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T2( *) MRI changes in the heart and liver of ex-thalassemic patients after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

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Efficacy of hepatic T2* MRI values and serum ferritin concentration in predicting thalassemia major classification for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

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The potential role of pretransplant MIBG diagnostic scintigraphy in targeted administration of 131I-MIBG accompanied by ASCT for high-risk and relapsed neuroblastoma: a pilot study

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Evaluation of nutritional status in patients undergoing hematopoietic SCT

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Serum Zinc Values in Adult Patients Undergoing Bone Marrow Transplantation

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The prevalence of low selenium levels in adult patients undergoing bone marrow transplantation: A brief communication

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Continuous bladder irrigation prevents hemorrhagic cystitis after allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation

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The Seasonal Frequency of Viruses Associated With Upper Respiratory Tract Infections in Children

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[Color preferences for nurses’ uniform from nurses, hospitalized 5-12 years old children and parents’ perspectives]

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[Effect of parents’ shift work on strengths and behavioral problems of their children, aged 7-12 years old, among shift workers of private and university hospitals in Tehran city]

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Morphological Changes Of Human Intracanal Dentin After Nd:YAG laser Irradiation, Ultrasonic and Conventional Methods: SEM Evaluation

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Peripheral Blood versus Bone Marrow as a Source of Hematopoietic Stem Cells for Allogeneic Transplantation in Children With Class I and II Beta Thalassemia Major

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Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation from Related Donors in Fanconi Anemia

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Transformation of chronic myelogenous leukemia to Multiple Myeloma: A case report

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[The association of NOD2/CARD15 gene polymorphism with an increased risk of mortality in patients with AML after allogenic HSCT]

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[Anti Streptococcus mutans non fluoride and fluoride containing sealants after adding nano-silver particles]

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Sensitivity and specificity of the World Health Organization pertussis clinical case definition

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Frequency of pertussis in Iranian school-age children

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The effect of using an educational poster on elementary school health teachers' knowledge of emergency management of traumatic dental injuries

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[Lymphocyte Subsets and Antigen-Specific IgE in Mucosal Secretions in Patients with Nasal Polyp]

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[Comparative study of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and fungi involved in sinusitis and otitis media cases from patients under operated in ENT ward at Rasoul Hospital]

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Functional brain abnormalities localized in 55 chronic tinnitus patients: Fusion of SPECT coincidence imaging and MRI

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[Lymphocyte Subsets(CD3, CD4, CD8), CD4/CD8 Ratio of Sinus Mucosa and Measured Serum IgE Level in Adults with Chronic Sinusitis Undergoing Surgery]

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Diaper type as a risk factor in urinary tract infection of children

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Serum electrolyte changes at engraftment time in patients undergoing allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Authors: Faghihi, T. - Iravani, M. - Shamshiri, A. R. - Hadjibabaie, M. - Mousavi, S. A. - Alimoghaddam, K. - Ghavamzadeh, A. -
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Comparison of lateral window and osteotome techniques in sinus augmentation: histological and histomorphometric evaluation

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[Bone densitometric changes after bone marrow transplantation in 63 patients with leukemia and lymphoma]

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[Evaluating the results of CEAM regimen as a conditioning regimen for autologous stem cell transplantation in 25 patients with NHL]

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[Colorimetric evaluation of Cercon zirconia and metal ceramic restorations in two thicknesses of veneering porcelain]

Authors: Dorriz, H - Memarian, M - Madani, A - Sedighpor, L - Shamshiri, A.R. -
Vol.24, No.1, Year. 2011, Page:6-14,

[Trend of nested case-control in comparison to cohort and case-control studies between 1996-2005]

Authors: Reza Chaman - Shamshiri, Ahmad Reza - Koorosh Kamali - Khalili, Gholamreza - Holakouie Naiini, Koorosh -
Vol.1, No.3, Year. 2006, Page:1-5,

Photoactivated disinfection using light-emitting diode as an adjunct in the management of chronic periodontitis: A pilot double-blind split-mouth randomized clinical trial

Authors: Bassir, S. H. - Moslemi, N. - Jamali, R. - Mashmouly, S. - Fekrazad, R. - Chiniforush, N. - Shamshiri, A. R. - Nowzari, H. -
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Accuracy of panoramic radiographs in determining the relationship of posterior root apices and maxillary sinus floor by Cone-Beam CT

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Bacteriological profile and antimicrobial resistance of blood culture isolates

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Vol.4, No.2, Year. 2009, Page:87-95,

Comparison of WBC, ESR, CRP and PCT serum levels in septic and non-septic burn cases

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Association of serum Soluble Triggering Receptor Expressed on Myeloid Cells Levels in Malignancy Febrile Neutropenic Patients with Bacteremia and Fungemia

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Staphylococcal nasal colonization in Mofid children hospital staff; carrier state and antibiotic susceptibility

Authors: Armin, S. - Karimi, A. - Fahimzad, A. - Fallah, F. - Shamshiri, A.R -
Vol.2, No.2, Year. 2007, Page:57-60,

[Evaluation of Immunoglobulin Classes and Subclasses and Lymphocytes’ Phenotypes in Children Undergoing Adenotonsillectomy in ENT and Head & Neck Research Center (Rasoul-e-Akram Hospital)]

Authors: Amin Tehran, Ebrahim - Azardokht Tabatabaie - Mahdi Shekarabi - Shamshiri, Ahmad Reza - Shima Javadinia - Alirezaee, Najmeh Sadat -
Vol.13, No.52, Year. 2006, Page:31-40,

Geographical Distribution of Human Resources in Mental Health Provision System in 2007

Authors: Ahmadzad Asl, Masoud - Ahmad Reza Shamshiri - Ahmad Hajebi - Morteza Naserbakht - Saberi Zafarghandi, Mohammadbagher - Farnoush Davoudi -
Vol.17, No.2, Year. 2011, Page:143-150,

Evaluation of symmetrical or asymmetrical pattern of nursing caries in 3-5 year-old children at kindergartens in Tehran during 2009-2010

Authors: Afshar, Hossein - Shamshiri, Ahmadreza - Pourtalebi Firozabadi, Vahid - Bani Ameri, Zahra -
Vol.25, No.4, Year. 2012, Page:277-282,

[Surveillance of ventilator- associated pneumonia in neonatal intensive care unit: characteristics, risk factors and outcome]

Authors: Afjeh, Seyed Abolfaz - Mohammad Kazem Sabzehei - Seyed Abdollah Karimi - Ahmad Reza Shamshiri -
Vol.15, No.4, Year. 2010, Page:157-164,

Surveillance of ventilator-associated pneumonia in a neonatal intensive care unit: characteristics, risk factors, and outcome

Authors: Afjeh, S. A. - Sabzehei, M. K. - Karimi, A. - Shiva, F. - Shamshiri, A. R. -
Vol.15, No.9, Year. 2012, Page:567-71,

Journal of Dentistry of Tehran University of Medical Sciences

1388- تاکنون, داور,

Journal of Dental Medicine

1388- تاکنون, داور,

Good Clinical Practice (GCP)

Date: April 25-26; 2012,
1. بیماری سرطان
2. بیماریهای عفونی